User Agreement Sports lottery rules

1. All matches have to take place at the designated date and the statutory time, otherwise bets will be void. If the game is canceled or suspend to any reasons, the game will be considered an invalid match; the Company will refund all the bets on the event, All parley bets on the game's shall reduced by one game.

2. Members are responsible to wait for the “Bet successful” window to show and then click “OK” after making a bet. Members are also responsible to confirm on whether the bet slip is successfully made at the “Betting Details” page. Members should also carefully check the contents of the bet as well as the bet amount. The Company only makes the calcuations based on the contents of “Betting Details” page.

3. The odds and handicaps of all the games featured in the website will be constantly changed. The odds and handicap of your bet shall be calculated as shown in the bet slip after the “Bet Successful” window.

4. With the exception of in-play bets, all bets made after the beginning of the game will be considered invalid. If any match is held in advance of designated time, all bets made before the game starts will be accepted bets as “Valid Bet Slips”.

5. In case of any typing errors and unintentional human errors in the handicaps and odds of various games published by this website, the Company will reserve the rights to remove any bet slips made with incorrect handicaps and odds. The changes shall be announced by marquee messages and will not be notified to members individually.

6. Members are responsible for ensuring the security of their usernames and login information. Any online bets made under the username and password will be considered valid. If users found or suspect their usernames and passwords to be compromised, please inform the Company or the agent and change passwords immediately. (Bets made before the change of initial passwords shall also be considered valid.)

7. Please note that the Company reserves the rights of suspension or cancellation of abnormal bets when individuals or groups are found to be betting in the same event at the same time using plugin software or in any case making abnormal bets.

8. Every client should log in to the "Account history" to check the credit line. If members have questions on their lines of credit, please notify the Company or agent immediately. Match results shall be according to those announced on the official websites of the governing federations of relevant sports.

9. Please understand that all in-play bets made after a point is scored shall be canceled.

10. If due to any issues related to software or connection failure, the scores, handicaps or odds cannot be updated after in-play scores are made, all bets made under those numbers shall be deemed invalid.

11. For all transactions undertaken after the event of a score due to live broadcast delays or other factors, the company reserves the rights to deemed all said transactions invalid.

12. Any canceled bets will be listed as “Canceled” in the “Betting Details” and “Account History” pages, members are advised to remake the bets.

13. In order to protect the rights of all parties in the event of force majeure resulting in the loss of website malfunction or data loss, the Company shall base its final disposals on the backup data.

14. For any display provided by the Company (such as score editor, timer, red card ... etc) on any ball game is for members' reference only, the Company does not held any responsibilities for the accuracy of information provided, thank you.