User Agreement Sports lottery rules

1. In order to avoid disputes in the betting at this site, please carefully read the rules prescribed by the Company before entering the site. By clicking "Agree" to enter the site and bet, the user shall be deemed to have accepted all provisions.

2. Members are responsible for ensuring the security of your usernames and login information. Any online bets made under the username and password will be considered valid. Please change change your password periodically. The Company is not liable for compensations for bets make under stolen usernames and passwords. 

3. he Company reserves the rights to make changes to this agreement, the rules of the game or security terms from time to time. Modified terms come into force upon the time of changes made. The Company reserves authorities on all contentious matters and on final decision-making. 

4. Users are must reach legal age in the country of residence to use the website or the casino. 

5. If online bets are not successfully submitted, the bets will be considered invalid. 

6. Game results will not be affected if the player signs out or loses connection after making a bet, the bet slip made according to the bets will be tallied as normal. 

7. In case of data loss due to force majeure, hackers attack, Internet problems. etc., the final solution shall be as that announced by the Company. 

8. The Company hereby declares it will hold electronic logs for all transaction. Any dispute shall be settled based on the bet slip record. 

9. The Company reserves the rights to change, modify existing provisions or add any appropriate provisions. The changed provisions shall be announced on the marque at the member end of the website. 

10. The Company holds the right of final interpretation in any event. And start a new game. 

11. The Company reserves the rights of final review and cancellation of bets in case when members are found by the the Company of engaging in unfair practices or using plugin software, in making bets. or in case of abnormal betting event harmful to the Company made by any individuals or groups. 

12. If the Company discovers that members have repeated signed up for an account, it reserves the rights to cancel and withdraw all of the said members’ preferential bonuses as well as the profits generated by bonuses. Each player, each address, each e-mail, each phone number, and the same bank account, shared computer environment (e.g.: Internet cafes, and other public use computers, etc.) shall have only one membership account, every bonus is only suitable for each user's account in the Company.